What does YOYO do?
It is the Turkish equivalent of ‘car sharing’ business model that is increasingly becoming popular in the world right now. It is a 'rent a car' model in which users are allowed to rent cars at the intervals they choose and for as much as they need, for which they mostly get charged on an hourly basis. It offers a reasonably affordable transportation solution for those who already have a car and those who do not, taking into account the astronomical prices of cars and the driving and maintenance costs associated with them. It offers a highly ‘user friendly’ and ‘fast’ reservation system on the internet and mobile devices.
Does YOYO really save you money?
Bearing in mind the costly Special Consumption and Motor vehicle taxes applied to cars in Turkey as well as the insurance premiums and service/maintenance fees you have to pay, you can save up to TL 750 to 1000 on a monthly basis with YOYO cars, for which you pay as much as you use.
Can I take YOYO cars from one place and leave them at another?
If you use the Valet service, YOYO brings the car to the location of your choice and you can leave the car anywhere you want; YOYO comes and picks up the car later. However, if you do not wish to pay extra, you should leave the car where you have originally picked it up.
Who pays for the gas?
YOYO does. If you should buy gas while you are driving the car, you can fill the car’s tank free of charge by using the vehicle recognition system at Shell stations. At the end of your reservation, the Kilometers you’ve driven are calculated based on the unit price per KM which is collected from your account as the Distance Fee.
Is there Insurance?
You are insured throughout your reservation period; the insurance schemes that are charged extra by other car rental companies are offered as standard deals by YOYO. You are offered an insurance exemption up to TL 3000 to 5000, depending on the car model, as part of the YOYO insurance coverage.
How Do I Pay?
By using your Credit Card... Upon your request, your YOYO membership fee is debited from your credit card once a year or on a monthly basis. The reservation period and distance (km) rate are calculated automatically at the end of your use and debited from your credit card and invoiced to you.
How Do I Make a Reservation?
You can make your reservations or changes to your reservation through our website, YOYOMat Delivery Points or mobile application on a 24/7 basis.

Application and Membership

How Can I Become a YOYO Member?
You can apply for Membership through our website or any YOYOMat Delivery Point. When your membership application is accepted, you will be issued an exclusive YOYO membership card, which you can pick up on the same day from any YOYOMat Delivery Point during business hours. Do not forget to bring your ID card, driving license and credit card with you when you come to collect your membership card.
Where are the YOYO sales offices located?
YOYO has no sales office, because we have used up all the funds, which we would otherwise have spent on building and running a sales office, for making the YOYO prices more affordable for you. We have YOYO Team Operation Representatives available at the YOYOMat Delivery Points located in university campuses and city centers. You can do everything easily on the net. Whenever you run into problems or need it, our Delivery Points are at your disposal on a 24/7 basis…
What are the Membership criteria?
In order for you to be a YOYO Member, you should first of all meet the following criteria:
i. You should have an at least 1 year old driving license (this may vary depending on the vehicle model),
ii. You should be residing in the country where you are applying from,
iii. You should have a Credit Card,
How Can I Unsubscribe From My YOYO Membership?
You should submit a written request 30 days prior to the expiration of your membership term, stating that you wish to unsubscribe from your YOYO membership. You will have no refund when you unsubscribe from your membership. No trial period is applied for memberships that originally started with a special campaign or promotion.
Can a Non Member drive YOYO cars?
No. This privilege is entirely reserved for YOYO members.
Can another YOYO Member drive the car that is reserved for me?
We recommend you not to let anybody drive the car throughout your reservation period even if they are YOYO Members. If you do, however, you will bear all the responsibility and charges 1000TL fine.
Can I become a member with the driving license I've got from abroad?
Yes, anyone with a valid 1 year old driving license can become a YOYO member.
Can foreign nationals become members?
YES, THEY CAN :) Yes, for as long as they have an official ID card, driving license, credit card, GSM number, email address and a fixed abode anyone can become a YOYO member.
Can I open a corporate account?
Yes. You can apply for faculty specific membership accounts at universities or department specific membership accounts in companies. Please fill out our contact form for details and let our YOYO team call you.


How much is membership?
The annual fee for YOYOKart™ that allows you to lock and unlock car doors automatically throughout your reservation period is TL 69.
What does Membership include?
i. Membership card (allows self service access to cars.)
ii. 24/7 access to YOYO cars including costs such as gas, car park, extensive insurance, maintenance etc. Free Online reservation website where you can reserve cars whenever you wish.
How much is the rental?
Rentals vary depending on the vehicle model and the day and hour on which the rental is made. In calculating the rental, reservation period is taken as the basis. Click here to see the current rates.
What is the Distance Fee?
It is the fee that we charge you for per kilometer in order to compensate for the depreciation our cars will suffer on the road.
What is the Deposit for?
The deposit taken at the time of reservation is 850 TL for the Soil and Green group of cars, while it is 3000 TL for other groups of cars. At the end of the reservation period, the distance fee and other additional costs are calculated and debited from your deposit and the balance is instantly reimbursed to your credit card account. Depending on the procedural differences in various banks, the balance is credited to your account within 2 to 8 business days. (Provision return transaction may take longer depending on the bank that provides your credit card.)


Can I extend and shorten my reservation period?
You can make all kinds of reservation changes on www.driveyoyo.com. You will be required to pay TL 10 if your reservation changes interfere with another YOYO Member's reservation.
For how long can I rent?
Minimum rental period is 1 hour. You can extend the rental period in hourly increments in addition to the original one hour rental. Depending on your needs, you are offered various rental options with different rates. Please click here to see the current rates and options.
Can I start driving on the day I become a member?
When we receive the Subscription Contract that you have signed, your Annual Membership is debited from your credit card account and the fact that your membership term has started is notified to you via email and text message. You can make your first reservation and start driving our cars three hours after your membership registration.
How early can I make a reservation?
You can reserve a car maximum 19 days in advance. You are advised to make an early reservation taking into account the fact that you may not find a car available in the case of last minute reservations.
What happens if the car I want to drive has been rented by someone else?
We appreciate your bonding with our cars that have a specific “character”, however, it may not be possible for you to find the car that you are accustomed to all the time. Our reservation system will help you out by listing other cars that are closest to your choice of car.
Is there a specific kilometer limit in rentals?
No. You can drive as many kilometers as you like in your daily or hourly rentals. Every kilometer you drive is calculated based on the unit price. For instance, if the unit price is 60 kuruş and you drove 100 km, the distance fee is calculated as 100 km x 60 Krş = 60 TL and added to the rental fee.
Can I go out of town with the car?
Yes. But we recommend you the estimate the length of distance and travel time well before you make a return trip with your rented car. Because you are to be charged a distance fee based on unit price for every km you will drive.
Can I make a reservation just for one way trip?
You can make a one way trip reservation by using the valet service. All you have to do is pick a location where you will leave the car. Don’t forget that the valet service costs extra!
Can I cancel my reservation?
You can cancel the reservations that have not yet been started on www.driveyoyo.com or Delivery Point. The reservations that have already started or the out of date ones can not be cancelled. In the case of previously made cancellation applications, however, the reservations are cancelled by returning a certain amount of money depending on the timing of the application.

Rental fees are not reimbursed in the case of applications made less than 48 hours prior to the actual reservation commencement time.

In the case of applications made more than 48 hours prior to the reservation, 100% of your rental fee (full amount) is credited to your YOYO account as usage bonus.

In the event that your reservation changes interfere with the schedules of other YOYO Members, you will be charged a service fee of TL 10 for each reservation change you make.
Can I extend my reservation?
If nobody has previously booked the same car after you and depending on the availability of the car you can extend your reservation. To do this, however, you should let us know of your intention prior to the expiration of your reservation period. Otherwise a delay fine of TL 50 is applied and you are charged an additional fee of TL 25 for every 15 minute delay beyond your reservation.
What if I deliver the car earlier?
You can leave the car where you pick it up before your reservation is over and terminate your usage this way. No fee can be reimbursed for such termination as those hours have been exclusively reserved for you.
How do I terminate usage/reservation?
You should leave the car where you originally pick it up at the end of your reservation. Terminate the reservation by using the computer on board the car and leave the car keys where you first took them. Lock the car by swiping your card from the outside after you have climbed out of the car.
What if I don't deliver the car on time?
100 TL will be charged for the first hour delayed and 100 TL will be charged for the beginning of each hour, but the maximum amount will be limited to 500 TL. The hourly rate and distance fee for each late hour are also charged. The amounts collected are eliminated by providing a different means of the adverse situation experienced by the next booking owner Member due to the absence of the relevant vehicle at the time of booking. It is your responsibility to return the rented vehicle on time or to follow up the results in case it does not, and to inform YOYO. YOYO does not want you to face criminal practices. If you anticipate that you will not be able to deliver the car at the end of your reservation, we recommend that you contact our call center at least 60 minutes in advance.


What is YOYO Card for?
YOYO Cards have chips. You can unlock the cars that you reserve by using your card. You can lock the car once again by using your card at the end of your reservation period.
Who Can Use the YOYO Cards?
YOYO Cards are exclusively issued for you and thus only intended for your personal use. Others can not use them. Letting others use your card results in the revocation of your insurance and may result in the implementation of legal sanctions and fines.
Can I drive a car without having a YOYO Card?
No I can not. You can ask for help from the YOYO Delivery Points or call center if you lose your card.
Can I register an additional driver to my account?
Yes you can. You can have a new YOYO Card issued for the additional driver and use your account jointly with the additional driver in Commercial Accounts. In that case, the usage fee and financial responsibility will rest with the original account holder.
How can I register an additional driver?
Apply to the YOYO Delivery Points for an additional driver request.
What happens if I lose my YOYO Card?
If you lose your YOYO Card, you can apply to our Delivery Points or contact our call center and ask for a new one in exchange for TL 25.
Should I return my YOYO Card at the end of my membership?
Yes. You are supposed to return your card to the designated YOYO points.

Cars and Car Usage

Which models of cars does YOYO have?
You can find the most dynamic, stylish, reliable and well equipped cars in YOYO at all times. The car you see on our website will be the one that is waiting for you at the parking lot; you won’t be in for a nasty surprise with us! And make no mistake, we will be adding new cars to our fleet every day in line with the changing and refining requirements of the YOYO members, so be sure to follow us!
What type of transmission do the cars have?
The cars are usually automatic, but there are nevertheless manual cars within the fleet as well. You can find out more about the transmission systems of each and every car on the GET ACQUAINTED section of our website.
Where are the cars located?
YOYO cars are located at the private parking lots scattered around various different university campuses and in the busy parts of the city center. You can find the closest parking point to your location by reviewing our “parking lot maps” on www.driveyoyo.com.
How can I lock and unlock the car doors without having keys?
You can do that by swiping your membership card on the card reader found on the windshield of the car. You can use the card whenever you want to lock and unlock the car throughout the reservation period. Make sure that the doors are properly locked when you leave the car.
How will I get the car keys?
All the car keys are found inside the car. Once you have unlocked and opened the car’s door using your card, you can easily find the car keys in the glove box or on the console. Make sure that you leave the car keys in the same spot so that the others due to pick up the car after your reservation period can easily find them just like you did.
Are there any accessories that I can rent along with the car?
No, you’d better bring your iPod with you.
What can I do if the car is too dirty?
Call us and let us know about the state of the car. In some cases where dirt makes it impossible for you to drive the car, we can provide you with another car, if there is one available, or, if you want, we can give you free additional time so that you can have the car cleaned up.
Do you have cars designed for disabled persons?
We do not have this particular type of cars at the moment. But you will be able to find such cars at YOYO very soon.
How will I find the car?
Our cars are parked in designated parking spots in the car parks. You can see the location of the car on the map during the reservation. Moreover, you will find detailed information about the car and its respective location in the email we will send you for confirming your reservation...
How can I contact YOYO while I am driving the car?
You can call the Delivery Point or our call center by using the mini computer in the car or any other phone. If you are calling the Delivery Point from the car, we recommend you to park the car in a safe spot during your call so as not to cause any accident on the road.
Should I use the YOYO Card at all times to lock and unlock the car?
Use your YOYO Membership card to unlock the car at the beginning of your reservation period and lock it at the end of your reservation period. You can park and leave the car throughout your reservation period. You can use the car keys to lock the car doors in such cases. However, when you return to get into the car, you should swipe the car once again for security purposes.
What is the speed limit for cars?
YOYO vehicles have different speed limits. These limits are based on driving safety and distance charges. If the limits are exceeded, safety is endangered as well as the fuel consumption of the cars and the distance charges are deviated. For these reasons, you will be charged 100 TL for each speed limit exceeding within the booking period.

Gas, Cleaning and Other Costs

Who pays for the gas?
YOYO pays the gas. We check our cars often and refuel. However, if you need to buy gasoline during use, you can fill the tank at no cost with the vehicle recognition system at the Shell stations. there may not be enough fuel, in this case 100 TL penalty will be charged from you.
Can I have the car cleaned?
Yes. If you think that the car needs cleaning, you can have it cleaned after having approval from the Delivery Point or our call center. If you document your receipts, we reimburse you twice a month in the form of car usage credits. And what’s more, we also give you usage credits to compensate for the time you've spent having the car cleaned.
What happens if I get the car extremely dirty?
If the car gets dirty beyond the expected level of dirtiness as a result of normal usage, you should have it cleaned before the expiration of your reservation period. You should contact and inform the Delivery Point or our call center of the situations that can not be taken care of through normal cleaning.
What happens if I leave the car extremely dirty?
The relevant charges are debited from your account and you are fined TL 100.

Damage and Insurance

Am I insured?
When you drive our cars, you are insured under the coverage of extensive third party liability insurance, exempt motor insurance and extensive personal insurance that are beyond the limits of the compulsory traffic insurance. Some of the insurance schemes that are charged as extra in other car rental companies are offered as a standard package at YOYO. Check out the YOYO contract for further insurance details.
What should I do in the event of damage or theft?
Call the Delivery Point or call center immediately. In order for insurance plans to be valid you should obtain a minutes or report from the police or gendarmerie.
Who will pay for the damage?
If you are found at fault or the faulty party is not yet established, you will be held responsible for the initial damage costing TL 3000 to 5000 depending on the model of the car. If you are found at fault and/or found to have violated the traffic rules by, for instance, drink driving or over speeding your insurance will be deemed invalid and held responsible for all the damages. The downtime elapsed throughout the service period is multiplied with the daily rental fee that applies to the main segment to which the damaged car belongs and the resulting sum is collected from the member causing the damage.
What happens if the damage has occurred prior to the use?
You are sent a status report on the car via email at the beginning of the reservation period. Read this report carefully and make sure prior to driving the car that the car’s condition is consistent with what is said in the report. If you detect an unregistered damage, take its picture and email it to merhaba@driveyoyo.com and inform the YOYO Delivery Point or Call Center of such damage prior to driving the car. Remember that you will be held responsible for any damage that you fail to report.


You can take the predetermined YOYO cars marked with ‘Teleport’ sign from the designated YOYO Parking Points and drive them to another YOYO Parking Points that have the Teleport feature. The cars having the teleport mark and feature provide convenience in terms of parking in such locations.
How can I recognize the TELEPORT cars?
Very simple, you will see a TELEPORT icon next to the locations listed in the LOCATIONS page that you use while making a car reservation. The cars that can be TELEPORTED are marked with the letter T. Moreover, the locations that have the TELEPORT cars are also represented with the letter T on the map.
Which locations can be used for TELEPORTATION?
The locations where teleportation can be made are increasing on a constant basis; you can find them marked with the letter T.
Do you charge for the TELEPORT cars and service?
For a brief period of time, the TELEPORT service is rendered free of charge. If your YOYO membership is over 1 year, it is FREE OF CHARGE for you. But for the YOYO Members whose membership is not yet 1 year old, each Teleport service is charged TL 15.
How can I reserve a TELEPORT car?
While you are making a reservation on the LOCATIONS page, you will see options for the location that ‘you want to leave' the Teleport car that you choose. All you have to do is to choose the Teleport location that you will leave the car and complete your reservation.
Can I use the TELEPORT and VALET services at the same time?
No, teleport and valet services can not be used at the same time.
Can I make my TELEPORT reservation through a mobile application?
No, you can't do that at the moment. This particular feature will be added with the first update.

Star-marked CARS

What is a Star-marked Car?
We offer special discount rentals for different cars at certain times. The cars to which such discount apply are called Star-marked Cars.
How can I find the Star-marked Cars?
They are found at the Star-marked Points in the Parking Points as illustrated on the map on the locations page, or they are represented with the star sign next to the location names when list the locations. All you have to do is to choose the car with the star sign and reserve it.
How can I see the amount of discount on the Star-marked Cars?
The original price for the Star-marked car is crossed out and replaced with a red discount tag in the price list.
How is the discount for Star-marked Cars reflected?
It is reflected immediately! If the hours of your reservation coincide with the timeframe in which the car in question is in discount, you can make your reservation discounted for that particular timeframe and make the payment. You make the reservation through the regular price for the timeframe in which the discount applies.

VALET Service

What is a valet service?
It is a special chauffeured motor valet service that allows the YOYO members to pick up their cars from any location they wish and leave them anywhere they want at the end of their reservation period.
Do you charge for the Valet Service?
Yes, being an additional service, it is charged separately. It is charged based on the distance between the location that you wish to pick up the car and/or deliver it and the current parking location of the car. Please click here to view the detailed price list.
What are the things that I should look out for regarding the reservation commencement time when taking the valet service?
Your reservation commencement time is the hour in which the valet picks up your car from its current location and hits the road to deliver it to you. The delivery time for your car may vary depending on the traffic and road conditions and the distance between the location that you wish to pick up the car and the location where the car is currently parked. We strongly recommend you to determine your reservation commencement time by taking into account all these factors. In the events of force majeure, the valet service reserves its right to be late.
What are the things that I should look out for regarding the reservation expiration time when taking the valet service?
Don’t forget to arrange a meeting with the valet by calling him on his mobile phone prior to the reservation expiration time for delivering the car, otherwise you will be held responsible for all the damages sustained by the car. At the end of your reservation, the valet will take the car from you.
How is the distance fee is calculated in the valet service?
In the case of cars being delivered to you, the distance fee starts automatically on the GPS from the moment the car pulls out of its current parking spot. When you deliver the car in a different location through the valet service, however, the distance fee continues to be charged until the car is returned and parked in its designated parking spot by the valet.
How many hours earlier can I arrange the valet service before my reservation?
Valet service can be arranged for 3 (three) hours from the reservation time at the earliest.
Can I leave the car immediately at any location I want while using the valet service?
You can do that provided that you contact YOYOY within no later than 3 (three) hours prior to the expiration of your reservation. Failing that you will not be eligible to use this service.


Traffic Fines and Car Park Fees
The member will be responsible for the payment of traffic fines and car park fees. Please be sure to abide by the traffic rules and speed limits. Please pay your fines and fees, if any, without delay and at a discount to the relevant authorities. The fines, fees and service charges paid by YOYO will be added and reflected to the member's account.
Bridge and Highway Tolls.
Our cars are equipped with HGS or OGS devices. HGS/OGS fees will be borne by the members.
Smoking inside the cars are strictly prohibited. As we all know, cigarette smoke permanently pollutes the car even if the windows are rolled down, leaving a foul smell and causing second hand smoking for those in the car. The members that violate this rule will be responsible for the thorough cleaning of the car and pay an additional fine of TL 100. In this case, the membership may be terminated unilaterally by YOYO.
While YOYO cares for animals, allowing pets in the cars is strictly prohibited as the smell, hair and pollution left behind by your pets may cause inconvenience for other members who may have allergic reaction to such elements. We appreciate your understanding and respect you show towards our members in this matter.
Car troubles
If you experience any car trouble please call the YOYO Delivery Center or our call center immediately.
We may periodically launch various campaigns and offer membership and/or usage discounts, so you are advised to follow our www.facebook.com/yoyo website closely. But bear in mind the fact that 2 different campaigns can never be used at the same time. Some promotions may not be applicable for mobile applications. No fee reimbursement is made for promotional cars in case of reservation cancellation.