Membership Agreement

  1. Parties

    1. This Membership Contract has been drawn up in 2 (two) copies and executed by and between YOYO Bilgi Teknolojileri ve Turizm Ticaret A.Ş., with its registered address located at Bebek Mah., Yeniyol Çıkmazı Sk., No:l/5, Bebek, Istanbul, registered with Beşiktaş Tax Office under tax number 9820414104 (hereinafter will be referred to as “YOYO”) and a real person or legal entity who personally signed the contract so as to become a member of YOYO (hereinafter will be referred to as “Member”) in accordance with the following terms and conditions, and a copy thereof has been delivered to the Member.
  2. Definations

    1. VEHICLE: The vehicle allocated to the use of the members in line with the terms and conditions of this contract and based on the previously made reservation,
    2. MEMBERSHIP CONTRACT: The present contract signed between YOYO and the Member
    3. MEMBER: All the persons and companies having individual or corporate membership accounts that allow them to benefit from the services provided by YOYO in line with the terms and conditions of this contract by virtue of being a YOYO member and paying an Annual Membership Fee and bearing a YOYO Membership Card.
    4. MEMBERSHIP CARD (YOYO Card): Smart cards, owned by YOYO, that are used for unlocking and/or locking the doors of the vehicles rented by the Member.
    5. CORPORATE CUSTOMERS: Institutions and corporations that are parties to this contract, some or all of whose employees are YOYO Members
    6. CORPOATE MEMBERS: Members, users or drivers who have Corporate Customer accounts,
    7. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE: Fee paid annually by members to maintain their membership,
    8. MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP FEE: Fee paid monthly by members to maintain their membership,
    9. HOURLY FEE: Fee paid by members in consideration of the services used on an hourly basis, excluding other fees (such as distance fee, damage fee, fines etc.),
    10. BLOCK FEE: Fee paid by members, covering the services used in different timeframes in a collective manner, excluding other fees (such as distance fee, damage fee, fines etc.),
    11. DAILY FEE: Fee paid by members in consideration of the services used on a maximum 24 hour basis, excluding other fees (such as distance fee, damage fee, fines etc.),
    12. DISTANCE FEE: Fee paid by member in exchange for each 1 (one) kilometer that the member does with the rented vehicle during the reservation period,
    13. SCHEDULE: The price list showing the Hourly Fee, Block Fee, Daily Fee and Distance Fee determined freely by YOYO,
    14. USER’S MANUAL: The booklet available on YOYO website and inside the vehicles that covers the general rules of use and operation,
    15. USAGE CREDIT: All kinds of gifts, campaigns and credits added to the member’s account,
    16. RENTING PERIOD: Reservation period or the period elapsed between the beginning of the reservation period and the time on which the vehicle is delivered to the spot where it was originally taken in line with the manner specified in the User’s Manual by having swiped the Membership Card and locked the vehicle’s doors -depending on which is longer-.
  3. Subject Of The Contract

    1. This contract governs the terms and conditions of the vehicle renting system provided by YOYO, members' use of such services and the possible disputes that may arise from the provision of such services
  4. Membership Conditions

      In order for a member to apply for YOYO membership and/or maintain his/her existing membership; the member hereby
    1. Fully agrees to all the rules laid down by YOYO.
    2. YOYO may request the following documents and information from the member, which have to be valid and issued to the person concerned;
      1. A photocopy of the birth certificate bearing TR ID Number,
      2. A photocopy of the driving license issued at least one year previously,
      3. Credit card details with sufficient limits (not a cyber card).
    3. The member should not have had their driving license suspended during the last 1 (one) year.
    4. The member should not have been involved in more than 2 (two) traffic accidents in the last 2 (two) years where they have been found culpable.
    5. Even if the member meets all the required conditions, acceptance of his/her membership is completely within the initiative of YOYO.")
    6. By accepting this contract, the member hereby states that he/she is eligible for the terms and conditions of this contract, and wishes to apply for a membership or continue with his/her existing membership. In the event that the details provided by the member are found to be incorrect or misleading or that the member fails to comply with the rules, all the membership rights along with the insurance coverage are deemed null and void and YOYO will have the right to terminate the Membership Contract without further notice.
    7. Corporate Members are also obliged to abide by the terms and conditions of this Contract in the same way as other Members. On the other hand, the Corporate Customers and Corporate Members using the services provided by YOYO under the present Contract will be jointly and severally responsible for any violation of contractual responsibilities on the part of the Corporate Memberships.
    8. The Corporate Customers are obliged to inform YOYO in writing of any YOYO member employee leaving employment.
  5. Fees

    1. The members (all the individual and corporate members as well as the users issued with Membership Cards associated with the accounts of individual and corporate members) hereby agree to pay a sum of 69 TL (sixty nine Turkish Liras) as annual membership fee for each year their YOYO membership is maintained. YOYO may change the annual membership fee from time to time without further notice by announcing such changes on its website.
    2. Annual membership will be collected from the member’s credit card account without further authorization right after the acceptance of membership applications by YOYO and/or 30 days prior to the expiration of the membership term so as not to cause any delay to the services.
    3. Membership begins when the annual membership fee is debited from the member's credit card account and it is refundable.
    4. The applicable amounts for the rates, distance fees, fines and various other fees mentioned in YOYO vehicle renting operations are announced on the YOYO website. YOYO reserves its right to maintain, change or cancel all kinds of fees applicable to the rates at all times by announcing such changes on its website beforehand.
    5. YOYO reserves its right to make amendments to all kinds of deals, campaigns and prices included on such texts as promotions, advertisements, brochures and schedules and to charge different rates depending on the place and time when the contract is signed.
    6. YOYO rates may vary depending on the vehicle model, location, day, hour block and hour.
    7. Charging is based on renting period which is charged based on at least 60 (sixty) minutes periods.
    8. Rental for YOYO reservations are calculated based on Hourly Fees, Block Fees or Daily Fees depending on the rental period along with the addition of Distance Fees calculated for the distanced covered.
    9. YOYO blocks a sum of 250 TL for each reservation and a sum of 500 TL for rentals for 3 days or above from the Member’s credit card account against any distance fee, OGS fee, traffic fines and/or damages that may result after the reservation. By the end of the reservation, all the costs incurred by the member are automatically calculated and debited from the blocked account and the balance is credited back to the member's card.
    10. The distance details shown by the vehicle’s navigation system and the distance details estimated by YOYO through the geographical travels based on satellite data may not be consistent with each other. The actual kilometer distance details to be charged are calculated through the YOYO transport tracking system and the YOYO data is taken into consideration in all calculations.
    11. The Member will be responsible for paying the tolls for turnpikes and bridges during the rental period. In the event that YOYO is made to pay the tolls for turnpikes and bridges, YOYO will charge the Member 50% (fifty percent) of each toll thus paid in addition to the toll fees.
    12. YOYO reserves its right to determine and request a service fee of 10 TL for each transaction regarding making, changing and canceling reservations through the website, mobile internet applications and other communication channels.
    13. The Member may view the details of the invoiced services on the website free of charge. YOYO may charge a fee for detailed invoice requests.
    14. As an institution, YOYO strives not to ask additional charges apart from schedule and service costs. However, in order to have this contractual vehicle rental system run as smoothly as possible for all members, it has the right to exercise the pecuniary sanctions specified by this contract and collect the resulting fines when the Members wittingly or unwittingly violate the terms of this contract.
    15. The Member hereby agrees to pay YOYO a fee of 25 TL (twenty five Turkish Liras) for every 15 minutes delay in bringing the vehicle back, in violation of the previously arranged reservation period. Moreover, the Distance Fee continues to be calculated for the hours of delay.
    16. In the event that the Membership Card is lost or has to be renewed, YOYO delivers the new card to the Member in exchange for a fee of 25 TL, which is the fee of a YOYO card.
    17. The member is obliged to pay 50 TL (fifty Turkish Liras) in cash for each incident in the following situations. Moreover all kinds of professional cleaning, repair, part replacement, workmanship and management costs resulting from the incident as well as all the expenses owed from the said jobs will be covered by the Member, and such payments are not included within the insurance coverage.")?>
      1. Causing damage to the vehicle,
      2. Losing car keys,
      3. Losing car’s license,
      4. Exiting the car by leaving the car keys on the ignition,
      5. Exiting the car by leaving the car’s windows open or doors unlocked,
      6. Causing the car’s power supply to run out by leaving the lights or other electrical equipment in the car turned on,
      7. Driving a vehicle without reservation,
      8. Taking and driving a wrong vehicle through no fault of YOYO’S own,
      9. Leaving the car without fuel or with less than quarter (%) tank of fuel,
      10. Having others drive the car,
      11. Causing the next person on the list to cancel his/her reservation,
      12. Bringing the car late,
      13. Leaving the car in a dirty and smelly condition or with litter inside which has to be cleaned afterwards,
      14. Smoking cigarettes inside the car / leaving cigarette smell inside the car,
      15. Transporting animals inside the car / with smell, furs etc.
      16. Carrying passengers or loads in an inappropriate manner
      17. Parking the car in a non designated parking spot,
      18. Failure to pay traffic fines to the Traffic Departments or police officers issuing the fine in a timely and full manner,
      19. Using vehicles for purposes other than those specified in the User’s Manual,
      20. All kinds of other uses that are not in line with the rules of this contract.
    18. All YOYO vehicles are equipped with tracking and warning systems. The drivers that fail to comply with such warnings hereby agree to pay the following fines:
      1. Driver violating legally set speed limits will have to pay 50 TL for each speed violation as they fail to pay attention to the warning system inside the car,
      2. Drivers opening the engine bonnet in an unauthorized manner will have to pay 50 TL for each such violation.
    19. YOYO is authorized to withdraw money from the Member’s credit card account through mail order. The money thus withdrawn covers the damages that are not included within the insurance coverage determined under this contract, pecuniary and non pecuniary fines awarded to third persons, traffic fines, vehicle renting costs, membership fee, car delivery and fuel costs throughout the period in which the vehicle is rented.
    20. The Member will be responsible for all the charges applicable to the delivery of the car when it is parked other than its designated parking spot (such as driver’s fee, gas, distance, hourly rental etc.).
    21. In the event that YOYO pays a traffic fine issued to the member, YOYO may charge the Member more than 50% of the invoiced fine amount as an operational cost.The Member is obliged to pay the entire amount of any traffic fine without any discount.
    22. The Member agrees to all the rules specified on the YOYO website regarding valet services.
    23. If a reservation has not started yet, the member may cancel such reservation either through or at the Delivery Point. No cancellation can be made for the already started or expired ones. In case of previously made applications for cancellation, however, the reservation is cancelled by reimbursing a certain amount of the reservation fee depending on the timing of the cancellation.
      1. In applications less than 48 hours before the commencement of the reservation, the rental fee is not reimbursed.
      2. In applications more than 48 hours before the commencement of the reservation, 100% (the entire amount) of the rental is credited to your account by YOYO as usage bonus.
      3. A service fee of 10 TL is charged for each reservation.
    24. Ongoing reservations may be extended prior to the expiration of rental period by notifying the delivery point where you have taken the vehicle. Extending a reservation depends on the availability of the vehicle for the upcoming reservations and is under the initiative of YOYO. Reservation may not be extended if the vehicle in question is not available for such extension.
    25. All Usage Credits have a validity term, after which expired credits are cancelled. If no validity term is designated for a credit, it is deemed valid for 30 days as of the date on which it is topped up.
  6. Damages, Accidents and Fines

    1. The Member hereby agrees to visually inspect the vehicle against possible damages inside and outside the vehicle and check to see if all the official documents and keys pertaining to the vehicle are available inside before taking delivery of the vehicle
    2. The Member is obliged to inform YOYO immediately of any detected damage or deficiency regarding the vehicle. If the Member fails to inform the company of any damage before driving the car, he/she will be held responsible for such damage.
    3. It is essential that the Member immediately inform YOYO in the event of any accident, theft, fire, loss of keys, being stranded on the road, tire damage or other damages, traffic fines, parking fines, car towing or any other unexpected situations. In the event that YOYO is not informed of such situations, all the responsibility resulting from such cases will rest with the Member.
    4. In the event of accident, injury, theft, loss etc. the Member should first of all contact the Traffic Police (154), Police (155) or Gendarmerie (156) and obtain an accident or alcohol report from the nearest police or gendarmerie department before moving the vehicle elsewhere.
    5. YOYO will try its best to make a Traffic Accident Report paper and a pen available in vehicles to be used in the events of accidents, however it will be ultimately in the Member's responsibility to check the availability of such items and keeping them inside the vehicle.")?>
    6. The Member will be responsible for completely filling out the traffic accident report and having it signed by the parties involved in the accident when the damage is sustained and delivering the same to YOYO.
    7. The Member should not take any responsibility on his/her own in the event of an accident, and make no promises to the opposite party regaring costs or repairs. Otherwise the insurance company may not make the payment and hold the Member responsible for such promises.
    8. The insurance details of 3rd persons involving in the accident, if any, original copy of the alcohol report, photocopies of the driving license and registration should be submitted to YOYO by the Member in the event of damage. Otherwise all the damage costs will be incurred to the Member.
    9. The Member will be responsible for any and all traffic and parking fines to occur during the rental period. The Member is obliged to pay such amounts without any discount. With respect to the fines that YOYO pays in order to cover its operational costs -to be collected afterwards from the Member- YOYO reserves its right to claim more than 50 percent of the fine amount from the Member.
  7. Conditions of Use

    1. It is necessary to be a YOYO member to drive YOYO vehicles. The Member hereby agrees that he/she will have to pay a fine of 500 TL if it is established that the vehicle that he/she has reserved is used by another person during the reservation period.
    2. It is compulsory to make a prior reservation to drive YOYO vehicles.
    3. The Member may drive the previously reserved vehicle during the period of reservation.
    4. The YOYO membership accounts and the reservations made based on such accounts can not be used by others or assigned to others.
    5. Unless agreed otherwise by the parties herein, all the reservations expire on the spot where they originally start.")?>
    6. In addition to the relevant articles of the Highway Traffic Law, the inappropriate uses of the vehicles are established as follows:
      1. Organizing and participating in car races,
      2. Towing or pushing an object with the vehicle,
      3. Connecting a trailer or another vehicle to the vehicle,
      4. Commercial use of the vehicle,
      5. Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and any other substance that may directly affect a person's consciousness or movement ability,
      6. Carrying goods or persons that are prohibited by the law and in a manner prohibited under the customs legislation, traffic legislation, Turkish laws and regulations and using the vehicles for all kinds of illegal activities,
      7. Driving the vehicles in careless, negligent and abnormal manner,
      8. Taking the vehicle outside the borders of the country,
      9. Using a mobile phone or talking on the mobile phone while driving without having appropriate equipment to do so,
      10. Using the vehicle for commercial passenger or cargo transportation,
      11. Trading the engine or various parts of the rented vehicle,
      12. Using fuel or gas that is different than the specified one.
    7. "The Member may be charged for additional fees or his/her membership may be cancelled without further notice due to inappropriate use.
    8. Careful Use
      1. The member is obliged to protect the car, keep it locked and secured when not in use, use the specified fuel and take care in all aspects of the vehicle use as specified in the User’s Manual.")?> 

      2. The member is obliged to check for the warnings appearing in the car indicators -such as oil, temperature etc.- while driving and inform YOYO immediately of any possible warnings.
      3. The member is obliged to check the tires before driving the car in each reservation and make sure that the air pressure in the tires is right.
      4. The member should make sure that the car always has more than (%) a quarter of a tank of gas when in use and that he/she does not return the car with less than (%) a quarter of a tank of gas.
      5. The member is responsible for returning the car, especially the interior of the car, in clean and tidy condition.
    9. The member is obliged not to allow others, including other members, to use his/her Membership Card or the car rented by the member. The member hereby accepts to pay a fine of 500 TL for such failure.
    10. The member is obliged to pay all the parking fees that may be charged in various parking lots, except for the designated YOYO parking spot where the rental has commenced. In the event that the member fails to pay such parking fees, YOYO may request more than 50% of the parking fee from the member.
    11. The member hereby accepts that he/she will call YOYO right away (or no later than 48 hours before the commencement of next car rental) in the event that:
      1. His/her vehicle (regardless of whether it is a YOYO car or not) has been involved in an accident,
      2. His/her driving license has been suspended,
      3. He/she is restricted in anyway due to his/her profession (such as professional sportsmen or professional showmen; foreign service personnel currently commissioned in the country),
      4. He/she has developed a medical condition that may prevent him/her from driving a vehicle in safe manner,
    12. The member hereby states that he/she has read the User’s Manual and therefore understood all the eventualities related with the vehicle use, the details regarding the vehicle safety and proper use of the Membership Card and car keys.
    13. In the event that any or a few of the aforementioned conditions take place, YOYO may terminate the Member’s contract unilaterally without notice and refer to the jurisdiction of Istanbul Courts for the compensation of any damages resulting from such inappropriate usages
  8. Rights And Responsibilities of the Parties

    1. YOYO may obtain information about the Members by applying to the relevant agencies in order to verify the personal details and documents submitted by the Members in their membership applications.
    2. YOYO has the right to change or cancel all the services that it provides other than vehicle rental services.
    3. YOYO is obliged to provide information to the legally authorized persons and agencies when required by the law.
    4. In the event that a Member, whose membership has been previously terminated, wishes to apply for new membership, he/she acknowledges all the financial obligations required by YOYO.
    5. The Member hereby accepts and declares that all the transactions carried out by using the username and password provided by YOYO will be in his/her own responsibility and done so of his/her own freewill.
    6. The Member hereby accepts and declares that all the transactions carried out through the email address and mobile phone number provided to YOYO will be in his/her own responsibility and done so of his/her own freewill.
    7. YOYO reserves its right to make changes that will be beneficial to the Members by informing the Members but not requiring their approval.
    8. YOYO is obliged to insure the vehicles that it rents out.
    9. YOYO is obliged to carry out the maintenance and inspection of the vehicles that it rents out in a timely manner.
    10. The Member may not make any claims against YOYO when the vehicle rental services can not be rendered properly or at all due to force majeure conditions, repair-maintenance works, interruptions and restrictions imposed by competent authorities or in the event that YOYO is closed down or its activities are temporarily suspended by the legal authorities. YOYO will notify the Members of such interruptions when possible.
    11. The Member is obliged to return the rented vehicle to the renter in exchange for the rental fee and in the same condition as he/she has originally taken delivery of the vehicle by the end of the rental period or whenever YOYO unilaterally demands its return. The Member hereby agrees, declares and undertakes that he/she has taken the vehicle in his/her custody and will return it in the same condition as he/she took it when the rental period is expired or recalled by YOYO prior to the expiration of the rental period, and that failure to do so will be deemed as an act of misappropriation which is punishable by the law.
    12. YOYO will not be held responsible for the delayed delivery of vehicles by other members or unavailability of vehicles at the scheduled reservation hour due to such unexpected circumstances as car failures, damages, adverse weather conditions etc. In such circumstances, YOYO may suggest other vehicles to the Member or cancel their reservation free of charge.
    13. The Members may not make any claims against YOYO for their inability to access the vehicles parked in YOYO parking spots inside the securely protected or restricted areas such as campuses, compounds, housing complexes, facilities etc. despite having a prior reservation but not having clearance to enter such premises.
    14. The Member takes delivery of a vehicle by inspecting it against damages before the commencement of each rental. Accordingly, the Member will be responsible for any damages that he/she fails to report when he/she takes delivery of a vehicle under the terms of this agreement.
    15. In case of any dispute arising from this contract, including payments, the commercial records and documents of YOYO and the copy of this contract kept in the possession of YOYO will constitute conclusive evidence. The member may not provide any other evidence to make his/her case.
  9. Payments

    1. By signing this contract or giving online authorization through the website, the member hereby authorizes YOYO to withdraw any amounts payable to YOYO from Membership accounts or credit card accounts without the requirement of an additional signed instrument. Such payments also cover usage fees, damages resulting from theft and damages, all kinds of traffic and usage fines, work losses and management, membership and court expenses.
    2. The applicable rental fees, fines and extras are clearly specified on the YOYO website, such fees may be collected by YOYO at any time without notice.
    3. In the event that a member fails to pay the invoiced services in full or in part for whatever reason, YOYO reserves its right to suspend or cancel such member’s membership until the full payment has been effected.
    4. All the payments are collected from the members following their use of the services. All the uses within a calendar month are invoiced to the relevant member in total within the first week of the following month.
    5. All the damages, expenses outside the insurance coverage, traffic and parking fines, administrative payments and fines outside the scope of membership will be paid immediately in addition to any other fees owed following the end of the vehicle use. Any payment that is failed to be paid by the Member within 5 (five) business days following the delivery of the vehicle will be subject to an interest payment.
    6. The member authorizes YOYO in advance to collect payments from the member's new credit card account even when the existing credit card of the member is changed.
    7. The parties hereto hereby accept that all the contractual receivables will be due and payable in the event no remittance is received from the Member’s credit card account or the member’s credit card is cancelled and no payment can be collected for whatever reason.
    8. YOYO may make collections from the member's credit card account at all times for setting any debt balance to zero.
  10. Interest

    1. All the receivables resulting from this contract become automatically due and payable as of the day following the payment date without further notice. Such receivables are subject to a monthly interest rate of 3.75 percent as of the maturity date. With respect to such debts, there is no need to send an additional notification to the debtor to go into default.
    2. Unless otherwise specified, the monthly interest rate of 3.75 percent will apply.
    3. The expiration date and interest commencement date regarding all payments is the 5th (fifth) day following the delivery of the vehicle.
  11. Insurance Conditions

    1. In the event that the Member fails inform YOYO or its authorized insurers of any insurance related situations or acts in violation of their instructions, the member will be fully responsible for the damage in question.
    2. The Member will be fully responsible for any damage occurring from unlicensed driving.
    3. The Member will be fully responsible for the resulting damages if the accident occurs as a result of the violation of the legal speed limit or the Member is found to be fully culpable in the accident and such fact is clearly stated in an official report.>
    4. The member will be fully responsible for the damages resulting from drink driving.
    5. The member will be fully responsible for the material and value loss and any other damage -not covered by the insurance- resulting from the accidents in which the member is involved as well as the daily rental fees throughout the period in which the vehicle is in service.
    6. The member will be fully responsible for any damages resulting from the use of vehicle in violation of the articles of this contract or Membership rules, user's manual and the provisions of the Highway Traffic Law or faulty and negligent driving on the part of the Member.
    7. Except for the circumstances specified in the article 11.3 above, maximum responsibility of the Member in the event of accident or damage varies between 1500 TL (one thousand five hundred Turkish Liras) and 3000 TL (three thousand Turkish Liras) depending on the vehicle model. Such amounts are consistent with the rates specified on the website. In case of material damage, the amount up to 1500 TL (one thousand five hundred Turkish Liras) or 3000 (three thousand Turkish Liras) is collected from the Member independently of the driver's fault and depending on the vehicle model.
    8. Damages to the tires and glasses are not covered by the insurance. The maximum responsibility of the member does not include damages to the tires and glasses or the tow truck fees for removing the vehicle from the accident scene. Such fees are collected from the Member separately.
    9. The Member will be fully responsible for the damages resulting from carrying loads and passengers exceeding the limit specified in the vehicle registration.
    10. The Member will be fully responsible for any damages resulting from his/her disregard of the warnings appearing on the car indicators (such as oil, temperature, fuel etc.) and keeping the vehicle on the road despite such warnings.
    11. YOYO is not responsible for any items left or damaged inside the vehicle. Such items are in the responsibility of the member and not included within the insurance coverage.
    12. The member is obliged to pay for any damage resulting from car accidents and damaging 3rd persons and exceeding the set insurance limit even if they are claimed afterwards. The member is responsible for the sums that exceed the amount collected from the insurance or the compensations that YOYO has been made to pay through claims. The Member also covers any non pecuniary compensation claims of the persons involved in the accident or their relatives. YOYO reserves its right to recourse.
    13. All the insurance coverages are valid for the Reservation Periods that have been previously arranged. YOYO will not be held responsible for any damage occurring outside the reservation period or when no reservation is made, for which the member will be solely responsible.
    14. In the event that YOYO can not benefit from any insurance compensation in whole or in part due to any act or negligence that can not be attributed to itself, it has the right to claim compensation from the Member for the damages it has suffered and the losses incurred due to the vehicle being out of work. The compensation for vehicle being out of work is calculated based on the Daily Rental Fee specified on the rates applicable for that particular period of time.
  12. Theft

    1. The member is obliged to park the vehicle in a secure and locked manner when it is not in use, and keep the keys and registration of the vehicle safe and sound at all times.
    2. In the event that the stolen vehicle can not be found within the first 30 days after contacting the insurance company, and provided that the member is not in violation of the avoidance, performance and non performance obligations stated in the contract and no intent or gross negligence is established on the part of the member and that the member has not left his/her YOYO Membership Card in the car, lost it or given it to third persons, the maximum responsibility of the member will be the payment of 30 Days Rental Fee (excluding the penal conditions).
    3. If reports concerning the incidents -other than those specified in the article 12.2 above where liability is limited- or damage situations involving theft and hijacking can not be obtained within 3 days following the occurrence of the incident or damage due to reasons attributable to the member and thus applications can not be made to the relevant authorities due to the failure to obtain such reports, the Member will be obliged to compensate YOYO for the entire motor ensure value applicable on the date of the vehicle theft, vehicle purchase taxes, notary costs and the similar expenses and losses incurred in relation to the same.
    4. In the event that the parts and accessories of the vehicle are stolen, the Member will be responsible for such costs including workmanship costs, parking fees throughout the service period, car towing fee, revenue lost in the absence of the vehicle, operating expenses.
  13. Confidentiality

    1. By signing this contract, all the details provided by the Member in his/her membership application will be kept in confidence by YOYO for security, marketing etc. purposes and not be shared with 3rd persons in any way.
  14. Contract Term And Termination

    1. This contract is valid for at least 1 year; the member is obliged to inform YOYO of his/her unwillingness to renew his/her existing membership contract in writing at least 1 month prior to the expiration date.
    2. If not cancelled, this contract will be automatically extended for another 1 (one) year.
    3. In the event of any violation of the contract, YOYO may cancel the contract without any further notice.
    4. Pursuant to the Article 9 of the Consumer Protection Law, YOYO acknowledges and declares that the Members, by virtue of being consumers, have the right to withdraw from the Contract without any reason and without any legal and penal liability by rejecting the goods or services provided herein within 7 days following their receipt of the goods and services or the signing date of the Contract and undertakes that it will recall the goods following the receipt of the withdrawal notification by the seller/service provider. However, pursuant to the clause (a) of paragraph 4 of article 7 of the Regulations on Distance Contracts, the consumer can not exercise his/her right of withdrawal in service contracts where the consumer cause the initiation of the performance of the services prior to the expiration of the withdrawal period of 7 days through his/her authorization.
    5. YOYO will inform the member of any amendments or additions to this contract by contacting the member through email provided herein, and such amended or new articles will come into force if no objection is raised by the member within three days.
  15. Enforcement And Authorization

    1. Any dispute resulting from this contract will be settled by Istanbul Courts and Execution Offices. This contract approved by YOYO has been signed on I hereby declare that I have read and approve all the terms and conditions specified on the front and back pages of this contract, which consists of 4 (four) pages in total, and sign this contract and accept the same by signing this contract.

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